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          1. 工业设计论坛|产品设计论坛

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            产品设计 ->  医疗&安防 ->  指纹锁 产品类别

            指纹锁产品造型设计  针对现代家庭的设计:现代理性的灰调色彩、强调力度感的外形{购彩中心app下载主词},令人爱不释手。设计给人带来全新的生活体验。明晰的造型和色彩,沿袭FinKin一贯的产品风格{购彩中心app下载主词},简洁明晰的用户界面,提供亲切直观的使用感受{购彩中心app下载主词},同时也成为精致的细节。

            product design: Brand-new fingerprint is locked, give somebody a bright feeling at the moment . Direct against the design of young people: The color of the fashion, interesting appearance, make people so fond that will not let out of one's hand. The design make the lens easy for useing, bring the brand-new adventure in daily life to somebody. Lively and distinct modeling and color , follow FinKin consistent products style , succinct and distinct user's interface, offer cordial and ocular use to experience , become the exquisite detail too at the same time

            Design of fingerprint lock




                    The delicacy surface of the product creates it's style: sobriety & concisely. Inside the fingerprint equipment are the key of the product. It's a integrated product whether or not the cover is opened. The handle  is designed  according to the dimension  of mostly people's hands, and it's safety. when  people use the lock, the cover can be glided easily, you just put one of your finger on the sensor, the door will be opened, it's just so easy. That moment when your customer realizes your idea is a great one,  they can’t live without it.                                                                                 

            家居家电  House appliances

            数码产品  Consume electronic

            照明灯具  Lighting

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                  瞳孔测距仪   Pupil rangefinder

                  手术刀   Scalpel

                  体压检测计   Testing program

                  汽车扫描仪器   Car scanner

                  x光安检设备   X-ray equipment

                  银行电子款箱   Bank cash box

                  门禁系统   Access system

               指纹锁   Fingerprint lock

            交通工具  Vehicle

            界面&平面  UI&Graphic

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