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            简单个性 灵动而不张扬
            潺潺而下的水流是倒酒时的美丽风景之一{购彩中心app下载主词},八口分酒装置并非仅仅为了倒酒的迅捷{购彩中心app下载主词},而更注重其过程的可观赏性。优越的平分性能加上现代的造型以及材质的美感{购彩中心app下载主词},是一款针对品酒爱好者和酒吧等场合的设计{购彩中心app下载主词}。 分酒装置的最重要的概念就是让使用者体会到倒酒这个过程中充满的乐趣,于是我们提出:要让使用者觉得倒酒的过程和品酒过程一样美妙,让产品看起来不是一个复杂的装饰品{购彩中心app下载主词},也不是一个简单的图形,或者可能看起来更酷的外观 。

            When we are having drinks, we are enjoying not only the drinks itself, but also the drinking experience. This wine divider represents a breakthrough from traditional way of having drinks. In keeping with the design langrage of “form follows functions”, it has an appealing appearance, user-friendly contour and adopts a logical tone ad well. As a mono function product, you will know now to use it as soon as you see it. It can make 8 glasses of drinks at a time. Every part of it can be easily removed and cleaned. Furthermore, with an anticipated primary target market of people who have a sense of fashion, it has been designed as a stylish product which can adapt to the environment of gathering and bars. Characterized by the material of transparent plastic, which can reflect and retract light, it combines quietly into atmosphere around even your mood maybe.








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               分酒器    Wine divider

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