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            OIOI design为作品设置了清新的场景,章鱼妈妈带着可爱的孩子们在海边度假。绿色漂浮腔内含有不锈钢小球{购彩中心app下载主词},可以碰撞发声,刺激宝宝听觉,培养节奏感。彩色头部非常适合宝宝抓握{购彩中心app下载主词},有效防止一般摇铃环状柄可能造成的手指扭伤。章鱼妈妈的绿色漂浮腔内带有磁体{购彩中心app下载主词},可以吸引带小球的小章鱼们集合。头部柔软{购彩中心app下载主词},可以吸水、喷水嬉戏。通过玩多角色玩具帮助宝宝心理发展,增加亲水乐趣。帮助妈妈顺利清洁宝宝,增进感情。

            OIOI design set up a fresh scene for the works: Octopus mother with lovely children holiday at the seaside. Green float chamber contains stainless steel ball, it can collide sound to stimulate the baby hearing, and develop a sense of rhythm. Color head is very suitable for the baby to grasp, effectively preventing the general ring handle may cause finger sprain. Octopus mother's green floating cavity with magnet, can attract the ball with the small octopus are set. Soft head can absorb water and water play.



            It is Mainly deisgned  for groups of infants of 7-12 months. The toy  have rich storys , In addition to use in bathing environment, but also as a small toy daily life ,each toy is gripped comfortably. The bright colors are filled with joyous atmosphere. Babies will enjoy the bathing with water absorption playful . The toys melodious voice from shaking is issued to add the funny and happiness





            家居家电  House appliances

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                  分酒器    Wine divider

                  儿童牙刷   Children toothbrush

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                  称重仪   Weighing instrument

                  尚德太阳能   Solar power

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               摇铃玩具   Rattles toys

                  汽车氧吧   Car oxygen bar


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