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            Generator: dynamic, mechanical feeling This generator belongs to gasoline generator. stable automatic voltage regulation system and excellent combustion efficiency produce high economic benefit. The design of operation panel is more eye-catching, clear, which may greatly improve the operation efficiency. The main body is red and it shows generator strong power. The overall appearance is dynamic, but the design of details is rational, this is a kind of mechanical aesthetics involving dynamic and rigorous




            It produced a designed concept that we are designing the beginning of VERITAS sewing machine: The classics are perfect, pass through space-time. We hold and keep this idea to remain the same from beginning to end:  Meet the best demand on appearance model and its technological intension in VERITAS. Day by day,  the products inherit VERITAS remarkable characteristic all the time: Simple individual character, move without publicizing efficaciously. This is creation of a set of outstanding electrical home appliances: Not because follow the tendency of the day briefly, but the constant revolution innovates.



            家居家电  House appliances

            数码产品  Consume electronic

            照明灯具  Lighting

            电力&自动化  Elec.&Auto.

            工业工具  Tools

                  矿石粉碎机   Ore crusher

                  雕刻机   Engraving Machine

                  折弯机冲床   Bending machine

                  清洗机   Cleaning machine

               发电机   Generator

                  传输机器人  Transfer Robot

                  光刻机   Lithography

                  焊接机   Welding machine

            医疗&安防  Medical&Security

            交通工具  Vehicle

            界面&平面  UI&Graphic

            其他  Others


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