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                    产品设计 ->  家居家电 ->  饮水机 产品类别

                    简单易用 Simply the Easiest
                    这是一款能将自来水直接饮用的饮水机{购彩中心app下载主词}。系统将自来水引入并依靠特殊净化技术进行过滤处理。独特的外观设计充分体现了产品先进的核心技术,并着重强调了界面设计,以帮助使用者感受到良好的人机互动。 方案运用流线型设计,加强了产品的整体感。大面积的亮银色提高了产品的品质感{购彩中心app下载主词},深灰色的搭配很好的划分产品的功能区域{购彩中心app下载主词}, 让使用者一眼就能识别产品功能和操作{购彩中心app下载主词}。

                    Simple and convenient. This watering trough uses running water for drinking directly . System operates the water by special technology. Particular shape design is applied to show off the leading technology, an elegance and ergonomic harmony that will forever change the way we drink. Good design and process make the product made of common material - plastic have an unique style, consumers will be attracted at the first brush, the product will give everyone a deep impression at first time .



                    直饮机设计草图 现代家电


                    带有水箱的净水饮水机{购彩中心app下载主词},采用拉丝铝板的整体表面,庄重大气且质感强烈{购彩中心app下载主词}{购彩中心app下载主词}?墒拥墓俗咚,从视觉上感受水的清洁{购彩中心app下载主词}。细节处的精心处理,为风格简洁的产品带来了动人之处 1.此次设计的饮水机主要针对商务人士,一般在办公室、会议室、高档餐厅和酒店中使用。2.简单易操作,方便清理并确保产品使用中的安全性。3.此次设计要在满足功能需求的情况下符合简洁,稳重{购彩中心app下载主词},富有 高品质感的要求。4.设计使产品具有更高的商业价值。5.通过设计{购彩中心app下载主词},简化加工工艺并降低成本{购彩中心app下载主词}{购彩中心app下载主词}。

                    Clean water drinking fountains with water tank .The overall surface is made of brushed aluminum , Solemn atmosphere and strong texture . The visual filtering Walking plumbing , feel the clean water from the visual experience. The careful handling of the details brings a bright spot for the concise style. 1. The drinking fountains designed primarily for business people generally use in offices, conference rooms, high-end restaurants and hotels. 2. Simple and easy to operate, easy to clean and to ensure the safety of the product use. 3. Under the case of meeting the functional requirements ,the design need to be in line with simple, athletic, wealthy grade requirements. 4. Design make the products with higher commercial value. 5. By design, simplify processing and reduce costs. 

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