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            The professional Beer Machine design 1 : concise styling but not lack of details ,makes the product more scientific & fashion. Bright color , humanize user interface give user pleasure while using the product. Excellent service of OiOi design expand the market space for the product maker, build up the great figure of your company. OiOi has created a unique network of relationships with companies, manufacturers and retailers. By leveraging this network we create partnerships that link powerful brands with leading manufacturers and mass-market retailers.


            酿酒机设计 小家电

            With the bright styling and the active detail , the professional Beer Machine looks graver and more united. It can be put in deferent backgrounds of work places because of the neat appearance. With it, you can also have a pleased enjoy. During the design process , we research plenty of products related to user interface, give consumer the perfect product & use experience.

            家居家电  House appliances

                  缝纫机   Sewing machine

                  电饼铛   Electric baking pan

                  电熨斗   Electric iron

                  饮水机   Water dispenser

                  净水器   Water purifier

                  电话机   Phone

                  脱毛仪   hair remover

               啤酒机   Beer Machine

            数码产品  Consume electronic

            照明灯具  Lighting

            电力&自动化  Elec.&Auto.

            工业工具  Tools

            医疗&安防  Medical&Security

            交通工具  Vehicle

            界面&平面  UI&Graphic

            其他  Others


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