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          1. 工业设计论坛|产品设计论坛

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            MP4 播放器设计

            钢琴漆表面效果{购彩中心app下载主词}{购彩中心app下载主词},规整的按键排布,注重功能性和使用舒适感是法国客户方的要求。设计重点是,在既定的内部元器件的基础上尽可能把产品做的紧凑小巧?突Х降牡缏费蟹⒑臀曳降耐夤凵杓苹就浇。 由于实现特殊功能的需要,产品体积大,元件多,内部结构复杂。经过研发和设计双方的沟通协调,双方的几次改动,实现了功能和外观的和谐{购彩中心app下载主词},在较短的时间内完成样机测试。

            MP4 card Player design The MP4 Player is designed for the French customer, design focal point, small and exquisite compactness whom products make have as much as possible on the basis of set inside components and parts. Customer square circuit research and develop and appearance design of us go on in step basically. Because meet the need of special function, this kind of product is more big in volume than general MP4, there are many components, the inside structure is complicated. Through researching and developing and designing the communication of both sides to coordinate, several change of both sides, realize the harmony of the function and appearance, finish the prototype of a machine to test within shorter time .





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