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                    关于我们 - 产品设计案例 - 产品设计过程 - 结构材料工艺 - 联系我们 - 设计网址大全 - 设计论坛  
                    指纹锁设计流程 design process 产品类别

                            客户:常州华中集团指纹产品事业部,九五年成立,公司坐落于常州大苍路。是国内一家以设计{购彩中心app下载主词}、制造、生产指纹设备为主的合资企业。公司生产的AM系列分体式牙指纹锁产品 项目:AM2060B指纹锁产品设计 周期:40 天.


                    7. 产品3D设计图 3D rendering of the products
                    三维建模即用3d的语言来描述产品形态和结构的过程,它的最大的优点是设计的直观性和真实性{购彩中心app下载主词},在三维的空间内多角度的观察调整产品的形态,可以省去原来的部分的样机试制过程{购彩中心app下载主词},可以更为精确直观的构思出产品的结构,从而更具体表达产品构思,提高产品设计质量 {购彩中心app下载主词}。3D图有精确的形态比例关系,和精致的细节设计,可以直观的用于与客户的沟通交流{购彩中心app下载主词}。

                    3-D modeling is the process of describing the form and structure of the products with 3d language. Its biggest advantage is its vividness and genuineness. 3-D modeling enables us to adjust the model of the product from various perspectives and can save the original procedure of trial-manufacture course and help our designers to come up with product structure plans more accurately, so that the conception of the product and design quality can be better conveyed. Furthermore, 3-D modeling picture has an accurate proportionality of the whole product and elaborate detail design, so that we can communicate with customers more effectively..


                    8. 多角度效果图 Renderings from different angles

                    Renderings from different angles give people a more vivid way to evaluate the product from three dimensions and also reduce the uncertainties in design.


                    9. 产品色彩设计 Color Design


                    Product color design is characteristic of its low cost and high bonus cost. Consumer electronic products have a tendency towards market segmentation. When products go under market segmentation, products tend to satisfy the needs of consumers in colors. Consumers have different tastes and preferences in terms of color and texture, so by measures of attractive colors, products will have a better sale. According to the survey done by International Commission for Color in Fashion and Textiles, the change in color design, regardless of an increase in cost, sellers would gain a bonus benefit of around 10%-25%..


                    10. 产品表面标志设计 Decoration

                    The design and arrangement of the logo of the product will be the highlight of the product and bring people brand new experiences. The addition of VI to the product will better unify the product styles, and the clear and classic logo will provide vivid and kind feeling, and also be a delicate detail on the product..


                    11. 产品结构设计草图 Sketch of The product structure

                    Design the inside structure of the product, and the relationship of the arrangement structure of the product and assemblage, and evaluate the feasibility of the structure of the product.


                    12. 完成1:1产品线筐结构图  1:1 product design

                    According to the size of the design, we will accurately design the assemblage relationship between each part.


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