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                    关于我们 - 产品设计案例 - 产品设计过程 - 结构材料工艺 - 联系我们 - 设计网址大全 - 设计论坛  
                    关于我们 About us->  商务操作过程 Commercial operation course 产品类别
                    步骤 I

                    接受设计业务 Accept the business of designing
                    明确设计内容,当我们跟客户有一个项目的初步意愿,我们会由我们的市场人员及设计人员跟客户开会,了解设计的内容及工业设计所应实现的目标,定位。 Realizing the design content clearly, as we have primary will of a project with the client, we will have a meeting with the client by our market personnel and designer to understand the aim which should be realized in the content designed and industry design, make a reservation.

                    步骤 II

                    制定设计计划 Make the planned design
                    第二步我们会由市场部及机构设计部整理出相应于客户的报价及项目计划书这包含了项目的立项{购彩中心app下载主词},商务,市场研究的开始,设计的开始,跟客户的检讨,模型制作,模具制作,试模等所有主要的时间点及产品的整体规划{购彩中心app下载主词}。We will give the quotation and prospectus of the project to the client included the whole program and the main time points of setting up of the project ,market research ,beginning of design, meeting with client, modeling, tool-producing, tool-checking by our market personnel and designer.

                    步骤 III

                    产品定位 Make a reservation of the products
                    根据客户市场部门的提供的产品定位,参照我方市场的研究及平时的积累,确定设计产品的市场定位,跟客户召开市场会议{购彩中心app下载主词},确定定位{购彩中心app下载主词},然后根据市场定位制定产品定位。According to the suggestion given by client and our experience of design, we have a first-market position. After several meetings with our client , we will have a final product market-position program.

                    步骤 IV

                    展开设计 Launch designing
                    进入真正的工业设计阶段,由一个设计组进行前期的草图设计,细节探讨{购彩中心app下载主词},然后全公司进行方案的筛选,确定三至四个方向,再由三至四位工业设计师进行深入设计{购彩中心app下载主词},使用Pro-E三维建模。Since the beginning of real industry design , a design group carries on sketching and detail discussion , then the whole company will check the sketching , chose three or four directions, After that 3 or 4 Industry designers will develop the detail design and build a 3D model in PRO-E.

                    步骤 V

                    效果图表达 Design rendering
                    设计师建好的Pro-E三维模型转到多媒体表现部进行三维的渲染或多媒体动画的表现,提供正式去客户处提案的表现方案,同时提供相应的色彩方案及跟客户内部电子方案配合的外观尺寸{购彩中心app下载主词},正式向客户提案{购彩中心app下载主词}。Pro-E 3D model that the designer built up will be took into the multimedia and displays department where model turns into 3D playing up or multimedia cartoon that is easy for client to understand our design and more formally. At the same time we offer the corresponding color scheme and the appearance measurement graphics that fits the client's inside - electronic scheme.

                    步骤 VI  

                    模型样机 Model prototype
                    OIOI DESIGN根据跟客户的讨论结果及方向修改方案。如客户有需要,欧爱工业设计将负责外观模型的制作{购彩中心app下载主词}。According to the discuss result, we will change the design scheme several times in the whole program. If our client needs, OIOI Design will take charge in making the appearance model for our client.

                    步骤 VII

                    模具管理 The mould managing
                    详细零件图,批量生产产品质量监控,颜色样本,产品辅助平面设计和包装设计{购彩中心app下载主词}。Detailed part picture, produce product quality in batches to control, the color sample, the auxiliary planar design of the products and package design.

                      具体案例 Successed case
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